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Let's get Mettā dudes.

One aspect of my creative process as an artist is incorporating mindfulness and meditation into my art. It's important for me to set time alone and reaffirm that I'm on the right path. Meditation helps me stay focused on the bigger picture and to trust myself. It also helps with my anxiety and forces me to stop and be in the now.

In this article, 5 ways to improve creativity through meditation, the author explains ways to improve your creativity. One part that I find really interesting is about meditation and intuition;

"Intuition arises from unconscious, or spontaneous, information-processing systems, and it plays an important role in how we think or reason. It also plays a big role in creativity. If you are constantly questioning yourself rather than trusting your instinct, it's impossible to be spontaneous which is deeply attached to creative freedom. Experienced meditators know that they develop a heightened awareness and they begin to see a series of spontaneous right choices in their lives. This self-trust fosters the freedom to follow the creative thoughts without judging the process."

This really spoke to me because as not only as an artist but as a human it is really important to be spontaneous and let life flow. We all have visions in our mind as to how our life should be, or how our art should be, or how success looks to us in our mind, but a lot of times in life we succeed in what we want... but it is given to us differently than what we imagined.

In Buddhism it speaks of the ego, which is basically our mind and our thoughts and our self-image. It basically explains how we are not our ego, and our thoughts are not who we are.

Messages like this through meditation and Buddhism really help me to keep believing I am on my destined path and that the things I want to accomplish in life with a little help from my own pro-action will help me attain in what I want to accomplish in my life.

And that is the end of my ramble.

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