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Artist Bio / Statement

Jessica Fisher is a professional artist and graphic designer living and working in New York City. She was born in Long Island, New York and has been drawing and painting for most of her childhood. She advanced her skills throughout high school and college. She graduated from LIU in 2011 with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in Japanese.  Since graduating college she has worked in various graphic design studios, advertisement agencies, and start-ups as a
designer and as an art director. She has had her print and digital design work published nationally in magazines, textbooks, food packaging, outdoor advertisement, and more.

Jessica's artwork is whimsical and captures the essence of life. The main focus of her process is on the raw energy of the object to evoke a surrealist and expressionist approach. Her creative process is to have the viewer feel the same emotions she felt while she was creating the piece. Jessica's main medium of choice is watercolors, and because of this, she calls her art studio Kosumosu which means ‘cosmos’ in Japanese. Watercolors are flowing, ever-expanding, similar to our cosmos. This name is a reflection of her appreciation for the culture as well as her creative process as an artist. Jessica's style and perception are in frequent motion


One of her most recent projects is “The Cats of The Netherlands.” This is a series of 5x7 watercolors featuring stray cats from various cities in The Netherlands. This is an on-going series with 13 finished pieces. Each watercolor is a render from a photograph taken while she stayed in The Netherlands. Jessica began documenting their different personalities and stories, and that’s how this series began. Other collections of her work include various nature scenes, people, and self-portraits from over the years. Most of her work is watercolors, inks, and sketches. Three selected paintings from the series were featured in the Artists & Fleas’ art exhibit called, “Disrupt.” From December 2017 until March 2018 these paintings were on view at their Williamsburg, Chelsea Market, and Soho locations. In 2019 five selected paintings were featured in art shows at two Brooklyn galleries, the Greenpoint Gallery, and Space776. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, she exhibited two paintings for Arts in Bushwick in February 2020. She currently sells tote bags, zines, and pins in bookstores in New York City and Upstate New York. In Spring 2022 Jessica's paintings were featured in the OyeDrum Magazine. 


Art is a wonderful way of expressing thoughts and ideas and is her way of communicating her emotions. Hardships are when she is most creative and because of this, it has been a form of therapy and constant support for herself. Jessica's painting style isn’t calculated, she gravitates towards the colors she personally wants to see in the piece to create an expressionist and surrealistic approach. As an artist, she enjoys using exciting color combinations and creating new styles. The creative process for her begins with sketching an object either from a live model or from a photograph that she took. Why she creates things this way is to keep herself emotionally invested in the object she is creating. She will ink an outline of the sketch and then add base colors. Only then will she use what colors she gravitates towards to end up with something exciting and new. 

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