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Artists beware! Scammer alert!

Over the past few years I've become very aware of scammers online who send artists e-mails claiming they want to buy their art or offer them some kind of opportunity. This is disappointing because it's flattering... and every artist would love the recognition. I've run into a few scammers over the years trying to get my art and I've become very skeptical of e-mails I receive.

Well, this morning I received this e-mail at 4:30am and while I was still sleeping, I did read it and even half asleep figured it was most likely a scam.

Her name for one is "Megan Sweet" which first is a huge red flag for me. I was like is this porn spam? lmao, seriously your last name is Sweet? Like is this real life? So I went back to sleep and was like "I'll deal with this when I wake up and do my detective work". Second, who the f$%^ signs their e-mail with,"cheers"? Another red flag for me. lol. I don't trust anyone who signs their e-mail with "cheers". Also why would I send you my recent work? On sale? (Recent? Art? Send? *in Elevens voice*).

So, when I woke up this morning with coffee in my system and a clear head I was in "junior detective mode" and then looked at this e-mail again. First, I googled her name and expected honestly porn sites to come up, but didn't get anything like that. I was shocked to see people actually named Megan Sweet lmao. After that I googled the e-mail address associated with her name. I needed to be sure it was a scam before I even considered answering this message. That is when I found this post by a fellow artist and bingo! It was a scam!

Unfortunately, this artist did get the run around with this scammer but was able to keep her art and not lose any money. I wrote to the artist from this post to tell her that this scammer is still out there and we have to spread the word about people like this. It seems like scammers think creative people are easy to take advantage of because most of us are so desperate for recognition, that we wouldn't even think of this and just give our art away or do free work.

Anyway fellow artists if you receive an e-mail


That is someone trying to scam you and be aware of this sh%^.

Good-day and get off my lawn scammers!


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