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ZOMG Pitchfork featured my photo! ~updates

Over the last few weeks I rebranded my Etsy store and created a new shop that reflects the same style as my webpage. I then cross-branded my facebook as well. I needed to clean up a few of my social media pages to be more consistent with my style and brand.

I haven't really been creating anything because I've been working on that and here is the link to my Etsy page.

So also something completely random and cool happened over the weekend. I feel dorky even making a big deal over it but it made me so happy! On Saturday Childish Gambino had a couple of pop-up mister softy trucks around the city giving out ice cream to promote his two new singles.

I saw on Saturday they were going to be in Fort Greene park in Brooklyn and I had to go check it out with my friend. I thought originally maybe he was doing a free show? Since sometimes that does happen, but it was just free ice cream, which was kind of a bummer but whatever.

I snapped a photo of my hand holding my ice cream and posted it on Instagram. When I was out east in long island on Sunday I got a comment on my ice cream photo of a link to a pitch fork article. At first I thought it was random snap, but then I saw it was related to the pop-up free ice cream. So I went and checked it out and saw my photo!

I couldn't believe it, it was so funny. I was with my brother and his girlfriend. Below is the link and it's pretty cool honestly!

Maybe he'll see my painting I did of him? lmao.

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