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ArT UpDaTes aNd ProGressIonZZs

You need to RELAX!?

(As my macbook is making overheating struggling sounds! ADOBE ISN'T EVEN RUNNING!!!!1)?!!!?

The past couple of weeks I've been working on a commissioned painting, (Macbook struggling sound intensifies). But! I just finished it and now I can go back and work on my personal paintings. I've also been thinking of other things I can add to my etsy store to sell??? Screen-printed tote-bags?????

*~* It's not about the destination dudes, it's about the journey. *~*

I recently bought new Japanese watercolor paints with neon and metallic colors. I had a lot of fun painting the background. And now it goes off to LA!

Now I can go back and start working on my painting of the Childish Gambino that I've been working on for the past month. I recently started to paint on larger paper again. I've been using 11x15 watercolor paper. At first my sketch of him didn't really look like him, but once I really started adding layers of paints and shading it started to look like him.

I'm using watercolors, colored pencils, and copic markers to create this. So far I'm really enjoying how it's coming out!

It's a work in progress and I've been painting so much recently I need to just veg out for a couple of days. Hoping to be able to do more this week but I've been so busy with focusing on work that I've been so tired when I get home at night, but painting does help me relax so we'll see!

Keep your eyes peeled!


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