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Progression of a tote bag

This week I bought plastic stencil sheets. I started a simple shape design and used what I had left of my ink. As you can see my xacto skills are weak and I need to step up my cutting game because I want to do some seriously KoOl StUfF. After I finished cutting out the stencil, I then laid on my bed for a good hour until I decided that the time was right to do this screen printing thing and got up and DID IT. Originally my game plan was to DO THIS SHIT on my roof or in the back. it was mad cold and cloudy out, so I decided to DO THIS SHIT in my basement. I was concerned with making a mess because *this shit * gets e v e r y w h e r e. ​

BUT then! I realized I had a burlap sack table top from when I had a table at the artist and fleas. I was like BINGO we're in action, it's printing time and I ain't going outside!

I went downstairs and started setting up my makeshift screen-printing studio. As you can see in the photo below Ziggy was my assistant and was monitoring every step of the way. I only screen printed three tote bag​​s because I want to make other stencil designs and see what I can come up with. I have about 25 blank tote bags. I basically have a small studio under my bed of art supplies and such lmao.

From the three bags, I liked these two the best. I tried a repeating pattern and a minimalistic straight on the pattern. I'm happy with the second one and I like that one the best. It almost looks like the shapes have a shadow to it and that has inspired me to not only buy more inks but neon colors as well. I'm going to overlay a neon color to the second design once it dries. I'm really excited with how these turned out and of course, I added them to my Etsy store!

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